With years of experience and quality repair equipment, we can repair just about any commercial grade inflatable!

Commonly repaired items:

  • Bounce Houses
  • Bouncer Slide Combos
  • Slides
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Interactives

We also repair tents and many other kinds of vinyl products.  We do not repair rafts, sealed air inflatables, automobile seats, or other forms of padded furniture.



Have you ever looked at your inflatable and wished it had _______________? (fill in the blank)  Generally speaking, manufacturers produce quality products, however, out in the field you may find that a simple modification to their original design could make your job much easier.  Adding seatbelt webbing, and alligator clip, or a D-ring in just the right place could give you added peace of mind.

Common modifications:

  • Seat belt webbing reinforcement
  • Velcro additions or adjustments
  • Alligator clip additions
  • D-ring additions or adjustments
  • Zipper additions

For a quote on a repair or modification, contact us.